Dusty Helmets

Our Team

Dusty Helmets has a long and extensive experience of off-road motorcycles and getting out in the bush in all parts of Kenya.

This wealth of knowledge gives us access to some of the most remote parts of Kenya; unrivaled scenic rides, untouched wildlife regions and unbelievable heart- warming interactions with the rich and diverse culture of this beautiful country.

We will tailor your off-road motorbike safari to your requests, your riding skills s and safari specific preferences.

Shazar is an expert off-road rider, whether on an enduro bike or a quad (he is eight times Kenya quad champion!). Shazar has been everywhere in Kenya offroad and knows so many trails that will take you to incredibly beautiful and remote areas to get you to discover this country in a very unique way that will leave you with memories for life. Shazar is also a super-skilled mechanic that keeps the bikes going in the middle of the bush! And he has endless stories to tell about bikes and Kenya!.

Shabaz is Kenyan and an expert off-road rider and will guide you to endless beautiful parts of Kenya; he is also a professional motorbike mechanic who can handle most issues during your safari, if any. Shabaz is also Kenya’s champion for enduro mountain bike, so he is tireless.

Frederic is French and has been living in Kenya for many years; he has been riding all over the world and dedicates his time to promote the amazing rides that Kenya offers, that is the incredible wildlife (giraffes, elephants, flamingos, antelopes, etc.) that you can see in no other way than from the seat of a dirt bike.

Karuma is Kenyan and is an expert on tourism in Africa, with a vast knowledge of all parts of Kenya and the Greater East Africa Region; Karuma excels in catering in remote places and ensures that camping during the Dusty Helmets rides is always a wonderful experience.

Jackson is Kenyan and provides the logistic support in the Dusty Helmets rides. Jackson is a true expert driver and a car mechanic and ensures that the 4x4 support vehicle stays close to the bikes to rapidly provide any needed assistance.

Anne is Kenyan and is the office manager of Dusty Helmets; she is an accounting, insurance, and tax expert. Anne looks after all the administrative and compliance matters, and she is also an off-road fan on quads.