Our Impact

Dusty Helmets

Dusty Helmets is committed to protecting the communities, wildlife, and environment that it rides in.

The conservancy fees that are charged to the clients are used to support the conservancy areas in which we ride, which sustain the wildlife and communities that live in these areas.

We are also able to raise money to fund special projects in these areas. In our Soysambu HQ Conservancy, we have facilitated de-snaring projects. Snares are a major threat to wildlife populations through poaching and these projects we support are critical to protecting their wildlife populations.

Dusty Helmets in the past has raised money to support the world-renowned David Sheldrick Trust who is known for its rescue and rehabilitation programs for orphaned elephants.


Dusty Helmets has held fundraisers to build predator-proof "bomas", which are designed to reduce livestock and wildlife conflict and, as they are designed to be mobile, they are great for sustainable rangelands management and enhancing grass production.


Dusty Helmets volunteers at the Mugie Triathlon for route opening and closing as a safety precaution to protect both the wildlife and the competitors. They ensure that there are no buffalo or elephants on the routes. This also helps raise money for a mobile community clinic serving the Western side of Laikipia.