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Dusty Helmets

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Who we are

Dusty Helmets is a collaboration of a group of Kenyans with a wealth of experience in both the tourism industry and off-road riding on 'Piki Piki's'.

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"Piki Piki"

This is the local vernacular for motorbikes. It is a noun in Swahili that describes a two-wheeled vehicle View More

What we do

Dusty Helmets has been created by a group of passionate Kenyans with a desire to showcase the incredible wildlife View More

What we offer

Dusty Helmets is confident that it can offer a truly unforgettable off-road motorbike safari with a twist. Riding on amazing View More

Our safaris

Dusty Helmets is able to customize a safari to suit your needs, for riders of all ages and varying levels of experience View More