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Drawing a line in the dust for West Laikipia


Over a period of 12 months, heavily armed pastoralist raiders have destroyed businesses , farms and homes already suffering the effects of a failed rainy season and the resulting poor grazing grass. Thugs and bandits have driven tens of thousands of their livestock onto private property, stolen livestock and stored stockfeeds, destroyed crops in the fields, people’s homes, lodges, household possessions and taken many lives.

The destruction to larger ranches has been widely reported in the media, but there are many small holders who have been impacted even more severely, in most cases losing everything. To date, they have received little or no help.

Whilst government security agencies have been taking steps to reign in the insurgents, the problem is widespread over a very large area and difficult to contain.

Dusty Helmets plans to raise funds to alleviate the effects of these criminal activities, more specifically to help the smallholder farmers in West Laikipia. We are a motorbike safari company based in Nairobi and much of our riding takes place in the very area affected by the conflict. Due to the situation in West Laikipia, we as a small company have lost our entire season of bookings. , but the loss to the community is much greater.

In the face of all these negatives, we would like to make a positive contribution to help those affected. Dusty Helmets crew plan a ride around many parts of Kenya totalling around 2500 kilometers during which we will be talking to wanainchi (indigenous local people) to highlight the problems we are facing and make a record of their views, thus giving them a voice. This record will be published as a blog on our website as well as on social media and mainstream media, too.

You can help us in our endeavours by committing to sponsoring us on a per kilometre basis of the distance we cover.

Please help us to help the less fortunate folk who are bearing the brunt of the insurgency. Together we can help rebuild the small holder communities, ranches and wildlife in West Laipikia.

To make your pledge or for more information, do get in touch with Netta Ruthmann of Dusty Helmets.

Call: +254 722 790319
Email: info@dustyhelmets.com